Hedonist Chardonnay (2010)


Chardonnay – Viognier is a blend of two white-wine grape varieties produced in a number of countries around the world. Chardonnay is often cited as being the world’s most famous white-wine variety, and is best known for its revered varietal expressions in Burgundy. Less known but still important, Viognier creates weighty, fruit-driven wines, most famously in France’s Rhone Valley but also notably in Australia. Together, these two varieties form full-bodied white wines.

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The general structure and versatility of Chardonnay is complemented here by Viognier’s floral aromas, and the union of the two grapes can produce a weighty wine that shows lavender and apricot accents. The natural acid of Chardonnay is an asset to the blend as, without it, the wine may be flabby, or lack focus.

As the two varieties are not connected by either tradition or appellation, Chardonnay – Viognier wines are a fairly new development, especially as Viognier nearly became extinct in the early 20th Century before being revived by South Australia’s Yalumba winery. In France, wines made from the blend most often fall under the IGP category, while numerous producers inChile, Argentina and the United States have made versions. Chardonnay is usually predominant in the blend, with Viognier often utilized as a silent partner and not mentioned on labels. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, and there are some excellent examples of Viognier-dominant wines.

Chardonnay – Viognier wines are usually made in an approachable, food-friendly style. They are normally consumed within a few years of bottling.


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