Le Petit Olivier Faugeres


This dry red wine from France is, at 13% alcohol and a big taste bang for the bucks of $11.99, a “Metro Wines Bottle for Dinner.”

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From Robert Walter Selections, this limited distribution wine is an easy drinking blend of Carignan, Grenache and Syrah. Cherry and blackberry on the nose are followed seamlessly by dark fruit and herbs on the palate with elegant tannins and a soft dryness.

Just born in 1982, the Faugeres Wine Appellation already has a reputation for consistent high quality wines. The vineyards sit high up above Beziers in the steep hills surrounding the village of Faugeres. The schist laden hillsides provide a winning grape growing combination of soil drainage as well as moisture retention.

Remember our review of Flaco from the vineyards surrounding Madrid? Yes, Madrid. While Madrid is an everyday word around the world, it is rarely said in the same sentence with phrases like “great wine making region.” But it will be. The low price of Flaco this year won’t hold in the years to come. Same with Faugeres. Some critics are touting Faugeres as the next wine world to be “discovered.” That means higher demand and higher prices. To be blunt: come and get it, now.


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